Seeds for All Generations

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May 132008

Original Thoughts:  Devotions from the Original Languages

April 14, 2008  Scriptures:  II Tim. 3:16-17; Mark 4;14

The Bible – carefully read and well-worn, was the most important book in Gerrit’s house.  His home was a house of prayer, where many tears were shed for revival in his Church at Heemstede, Holland.  Almost a generation later, his prayers were answered as the very Church  became the center of upsurge of faith in Holland, part of the Great Awakening in Europe.  When she was about eighteen years old, Gerrit’s great-granddaughter had a dream about him…

in her dream he was walkling through a beautiful park with her and he said, “when you sow some seed and put it in the ground, this seed will make a plant and this plant will give seed again…you my dear Corrie, are the daughter of my grandson…you are a plant blooming from my seed.  I will show you something that will never change.  It is the Word of God”.  In her dream, he opened the Bible and said, “This Book will be the same forever!   Plant the seeds from God’s Book, they will grow from generation to generation!”.  Corrie Ten Boom did just that.  She planted seeds that are still blossoming flowers; still bringing frangrance; still bearing fruit in our barren world.  So can we!  Most of us have seeds, in a package, lying dormant in a drawer somewhere, not fulfilling their God-given purpose.  Each one a little miracle of potentiality!  Sow the Word.   Jesus said, “The sower went forth to sow the seed…the seed is the Word of God”  (Mark 4:14).  When the good seed combines with good soil there is abundance of production.  Thirty-fold.  Sixty-fold.  A Hundred-fold.  Seed left unplanted accomplishes nothing!  Plant it.  Watch it grow!  The Apostle Paul said that “all Scripture is inspired of God, and therefore profitable.” (II Tim.3:16).  The word inspired (theopneustos:theos=God; pneustos=breathed out).  Paul was affirming that the Word of God comes from His breath; His speaking.  When God breathed into man’s nostrils it resulted in life.  When God spoke- the Worlds came into existence.  So the Word of God, planted or spoken by us, because it comes from God, is the source of life and growth, and new creation.  Plant it  and watch its awesome growth.